Real Estate in Westerville

Preparing your home to sell

Is this a good time to sell?  ABSOLUTELY!  There are more buyers than homes for sale.  Inventory of homes is at a record low.  If you have been thinking of making a move,  now is a great time.  Here are some tips to help you prepare your home to sell.

  1.  UPDATE YOUR CURB APPEAL- Make sure bushes are trimmed. Remove dead plants and trees.  Mow the grass.  Perhaps a fresh coat of paint on your front door.
  2. REPLACE FLOORING AND PAINT WALLS- Determine if your carpets needs replacing or just a deep cleaning. Inspect interior rooms for dirty or scuffed walls that may need a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors are always recommended like beiges, light grays or off whites.
  3. REMOVE CLUTTER- With day to day living you become accustomed to things piling up and collecting.  Nothing makes a home look smaller and more crowed than clutter.  Pack as much as away in boxes and move to a storage area or somewhere else to make spaces appear larger and more open.
  4. TACKLE THE BASEMENT AND GARAGE-Storage areas can become a catch-all for junk.  Install shelving, pegboards for tools and hanging brackets for bicycles and other equipment. Pitch junk, sell or donate what you don’t need.

Call or email me for more tips or information on listing your home.


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